Equine Go-Bag

Horses are flight animals and emergency situations can rapidly bring out this instinct. When possible avoid evacuating when in danger and always be as safe as possible working around horses. The list below should take some of the stress off emergency situations:

  1. Halter & lead rope, with a plate or tag including the horse’s name and your contact information
  2. Photo id including: picture, name, medical information, diet, and your contact information
  3. Diet
  4. Medications
  5. Necessary restraint or loading devices: stud chain, lunge line, etc.

In extreme emergency situations you can write your phone number on your horse’s hooves with a sharpie, or on duct tape you place on their neck, shoulder, hip, etc.  If you have trailer, inspect the hitch, floor, brakes, and tires yearly, and check the tire pressure monthly.

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